Items for Sale

In order to raise money to support the museum and FCG&H Society activities, we are offering the items below for sale:

FC 1912 (click to enlarge)

Ca. 1912 Aerial View of Farmer City: 11×14 inch Print $30.00 plus $5 postage; Larger 16×20 inch Print $40.00 plus $5 postage. Print only. Not framed.


Size and Delivery Options





Original set of 52 issues (Volume #1, Issue #1 published Summer
1990 through Volume #52 published October, 2003) Discounted Price of $75.00 plus $15.45 postage).  Any Original Individual Issues printed: $2.00 per issue plus plus postage. Contact the FCG&H Society to arrange for purchasing individual issues.


FC History Book

2012 Farmer City History Books (coming in May 2012) $60.00 (plus $7 postage if mailed)

1987 Farmer City Sesquicentennial History Books $50.00 (plus $7 postage if mailed)


WWII Book “Their Roles Remembered: Farmer City Veterans of WWII” – $35 plus postage

Delivery Options

Commemorative 150th Year Sesquicentennial Silver Coins $50.00 (plus $1.00 postage if mailed) .999 Silver Coins
Commemorative 150th Year Sesquicentennial Bronze Coins $2.00 (plus $1.00 postage if mailed)


Commemorative 150th Year Sesquicentennial Green Frankoma Plates $5.00 (plus
$7.00 if mailed)


Assorted Postcards can be purchased at the museum. Contact the FCG&H Society to make arrangements. $.50 each, 3 for $1.00

A package of 30 assorted postcards
$15.00 plus $2.00 postage.


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