Fundraising Campaign

Please help us preserve our heritage and museum for future generations to enjoy by joining the Farmer City Genealogical & Historical Society now.  Please read our news throughout the Mirror and consider giving more to be part of showcasing a Farmer City treasure.


The ceiling renovation phase of the renovation project has been completed. We are very excited to reveal the tin ceiling that has been restored to its original color and condition.


The Farmer City Genealogical & Historical Society is pleased to announce a new era has begun!
Because of the age of the Masonic building and others along the 200 block of South Main Street, built in 1879 right after the Great Fire, there have been some humidity issues in the museum. The vent-less gas heater in the back of the museum has not worked for quite some time.  We also have a single window air conditioner unit that was unable to maintain the proper humidity level in the summer.
To address these concerns, the Farmer City Genealogical & Historical Society Board has been discussing and finding solutions for climate control in the building. We want to continue to preserve and protect all the precious items inside the Museum and Research Room, as well as showcase the building itself. Last year, we received a grant from the city of Farmer City to put in a new heating and air conditioning unit to control the climate in the 138-year-old building.  With much discussion, the Board also decided to expose the original tin ceiling in the front Museum area, add appropriate lighting, as well as brighten up the walls and add carpeting, along with the HVAC system, to make the Museum more inviting. Our goal is to be good stewards of the unique Farmer City items in the Museum, as well as helping the Masons with upkeep of this historic building. In order to do this, we need your help.
If you haven’t joined already, please consider starting this new year of 2017 as a Farmer City Genealogical & Historical Society member.  Membership dues for the Farmer City Genealogical & Historical Society are $15.00 per year.  Membership includes 4 issues of The Mirror, a great source of information and photos from our past.

Please help us preserve our heritage and Museum for future generations to enjoy by joining now.  We are now fundraising for the remaining $3,500 towards our renovation efforts. Please consider donating to help fund the ongoing renovation of the Museum. One option is to help us purchase additional lighting fixtures that cost about $35 per light.

Dues and donations may be sent to FCG&H Society, 224 South Main Street, Farmer City, IL 61842 or are payable via PayPal on the website Don’t miss out!
The 2017 Winter Mirror is already in the mail to current members. Harry Swigart, his family and Swigart Camp are highlighted in this edition.

As always, thank you to those who are already 2017 members and particularly to those members who made donations to the Society already.  Your support is appreciated!  If you have questions, please email or call (309) 323-8226.


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